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The Worst Kept Secret by HMR: RenoRun PRO

Business Name: HMR

In Business Since: 2010

Specialties: Residential and commercial renovations in Montreal

RenoRun Customer Since: 2019

Uses RenoRun: Regularly

Located in Montreal, Habitations HMR Inc. is a construction company specializing in residential and commercial renovations. HMR will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this upcoming July! Having heard about RenoRun thanks to a reference from one of his project managers, Michel Roch, ex-president at HMR, admits being a bit reluctant at the beginning since he wasn’t familiar with our services. However, he finally let himself be convinced and now states, “I have to admit that I haven’t regretted it! It’s been almost a year now since we’ve started using RenoRun and we’re very satisfied.”

The biggest change for HMR is that they no longer needed to assign one of their workers specifically for supplies. This helped them avoid back-and-forth visits to the store and allowed them to have this person work on billable activities instead.

Having been using our conventional pay-per-use service, the decision to subscribe to the PRO came naturally. According to Michel, the PRO membership “became a second layer of savings for them as it lowers the unit delivery charge.” Therefore, RenoRun PRO was the obvious way to go.

In principle, Michel would’ve liked to keep us as his secret. Since RenoRun greatly reduced their costs (making the team more efficient!), they would’ve loved to keep us to themselves as a secret advantage. However, conversely, Michel decided to share our RenoRun services with other general contractors so that they can benefit from them too. Services that he recommends very highly!

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